Neck related dizziness

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Neck related dizziness is a problem that many face following a traumatic head or neck injury such as Concussion  or  Whiplash. There can be multiple reasons why these injury types result in dizziness but the two main causes are primarily micro-structural damage to the tissue in the neck as well as reduced integration capacity of the sensory information in the brain.

While these sound like quite serious problems, a good comparison is an ankle sprain. Following an ankle sprain people often notice that their ability to judge where their foot is in space is slightly altered. This can be because residual swelling causes the wrong messages to be conducted to the brain, or some of the nerve endings that relay information about body position have been damaged. Sometimes too the muscles around the ankle are weakened by the accident and so don't respond as they did beforehand. All of these changes can have an affect in the brain, as seen in low back pain.

When the neck is injured, not only can similar changes cause altered sense of head position, sometimes leading to unusual problems like poor aim, and misjudging your whole body position, but you may also experience symptoms related to vision or dizziness.

Thankfully the body is an amazing re-generator and following tissue healing other nerve cells can be trained to do the job of any damaged ones. That way you can work towards restoring "neck proprioception" which can then improve any vision changes, dizziness, and associated neck pain and headaches.

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If you think some of your whiplash or post-concussion symptoms including dizziness and vision changes are related to your neck contact us to find out more, or make an appointment for a comprehensive assessment to examine the neck and other potential sources of dizziness. If we think your dizziness is not related to your neck there are several other "in-house" specialists also available at OFHC who we can refer to that will be available to provide any further assistance you may need.